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Our Story

Pierre Abi Jaber

Hi I’m Pierre Abi Jaber. Owner of 4×4 Land in Chantilly, Virginia. Thanks for visiting our site and learning a bit more about me and our Land Rover workshop.

You could say I live and breathe Land Rovers. My passion to work on these extraordinary vehicles started when I was seven years old in Lebanon during the civil war. My parents had moved us to a remote village away from the chaos of the war-torn city of Beirut to take shelter. At that time there was a major shortage in fuel and everyone in the village knew that my father was a great mechanic who had been taught by his father so they would all bring their cars, trucks and buses to him to repair.  Whenever he was repairing a vehicle I would be there right by his side handing him tools and closely watching him work, trying to learn from his expertise.

The Land Rover Series 1, was a popular vehicle for the army and the local soldiers protecting the area. I remember one day the soldiers came to my father and wanted him to convert the 4 cylinder gasoline engine of a Series 1 Land Rover into a natural gas engine.  Without any question or hesitation my father took on this complex task and completed the project.  I was the first one that got a chance to ride in that military Land Rover in the village after its conversion to natural gas and I was filled with pride from my father’s accomplishment. That short ride in the Land Rover Series 1 introduced me to these amazing vehicles and ignited my passion for these cars.


Fast forward many years later, I finished my studies and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, but there was never a day that passed where I didn’t stop by my father’s shop to learn or help him service and repair a 4×4 vehicle.

Meanwhile, my brother had graduated as mechanical engineer and became the workshop manager of the Land Rover dealership in Lebanon in 1993.  After a couple of years my father decided to move out of the country and immigrate to America, and without any hesitation my brother and I took over my father’s workshop in Beirut and turned it into a Land Rover shop which became the most popular Land Rover workshop in addition to the Land Rover dealership in Lebanon. So, this family business that grew from my grandfather to my father and on me and my brother is more than 70 years old and still exists in the same place in Lebanon which is now owned and operated by my brother.

In 2006, I decided to pursue the American dream and move to the US with my family and started 4X4 Land. It was daunting experience for me at first since I was entering a very competitive market and whole new culture, but I was able to succeed because servicing and repairing Land Rovers for my customers is much more than a business, for me it’s truly a gift to be able to do what I love everyday which for me is helping my customers get the best out of their beloved Land Rovers.

I’m committed to being the best at what I do by constantly staying current on latest models and technology offered by Land Rover.  By updating our knowledge, attending all the latest technical trainings, as well as investing in my team of mechanics, and diagnostic tools, it allows us to deliver the finest Land Rover Service experience to my customers who own one of the world’s most sophisticated vehicles in the world!

It’s truly an honor and privilege to be able to work on your Land Rover and I promise to provide you with the best quality, care and service possible.

I hope to be able to work with you soon.


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