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Maintenance Service

Completing factory recommended maintenance is critical to maintaining  your factory and extended warranty, along with maintaining your Land Rover’s performance. You don’t’ have to pay dealer prices when these services can be performed at our workshop and meet the requirements for your factory and extended warranty. At 4×4 Land, we are happy to be able to provide you with excellent service – you’ll be sure to feel like part of the family. If you’re unsure of when exactly your Land Rover is due for its next service then give us a call  703-606-8197 or email us at service@4× and we can help you figure it out.

Routine Maintenance Services

The service intervals recommended by Land Rover are the minimum service maintenance requirements, assuming that driving conditions are normal. If temperatures are higher, you experience stop-and-go traffic, and short trips are more frequent, more frequent maintenance service may be required.

Maintenance services include: 

• Air Filter Replacement

• Air Flow Meter Replacement

• Brake Fluid Exchange

• Brake Pad & Disc (Rotor) Replacement

• Cabin Air Filter Replacement

• Coolant Exchange Service

• Drive Belt Replacement

• Fuel Filter Replacement

• Fuel Injection System Service

• Oil & Filter Replacement Service

• Oxygen Sensor Replacement

• Spark Plug Replacement

• Throttle Body Service

• Transmission Service

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